Signs of Uber CEO Want to Go

Various controversy later happened to the CEO and founder of Uber, Travis Kalanick. There was even a sign that he would be asked to leave the company even temporarily.

Quoted by Reuters, related sources said that Uber's board of directors will discuss the possibility Kalanick temporarily kept away with forced leave, while the company's management improved. But his position as CEO seems unshakeable.

The board of directors mentioned will make some new policies according to the recommendation of the independent party, to improve the internal company called already damaged. The independent party is a law firm owned by former US Attorney General Eric Holder.

The law firm is conducting research on Uber's internals after a former employee named Susan Fowler claims to have sexual harassment there.

Kalanick is often a controversial act, which then revealed to the public. He once cursed Uber drivers for protesting tariffs and writing guidelines that allowed employees to interact with some conditions. His video shouting at Uber's driver made him apologize.

"Obviously this video reflects on me and the criticism that comes is a reminder I need to change fundamentally as a leader and become more mature.This is the first time I want to admit the need for leadership help and I intend to get it," Kalanick apologized for his behavior.

Kalanick is also in private trouble. Not long ago her mother died of a ship accident. While the father suffered serious injuries.

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