Siri Slot Allows Users to Turn off iPhone Data Connection?

Siri Slot Allows Users to Turn off iPhone Data Connection?
Enabling Passcode or password to lock the iPhone is intended to prevent others open the iPhone and steal various information in it. Especially data relating to financial information belonging to iPhone users.

This time, a gap is found on Siri. Although the gap does not cause serious problems such as loss of financial information, the gap on Siri allows users to turn off the data connection on the iPhone.

As quoted from Phone Arena, the gap was discovered by a Reddit user. With that gap, anyone can disconnect the data connection without unlocking the iPhone with Passcode.

If you requested Siri to disable the data connection on an iPhone running iOS 9 to iOS 10.3.3 beta, Siri will inform you that the user must enter Passcode for the iPhone. There's nothing wrong with that.

However, if a user asks Siri about the mobile data settings and the status is apparently a bug is taking over.

The bug shows a scroll key that allows the user (or anyone else) to turn off the mobile data connection if the phone is in a state connected to the data. Meanwhile, if the phone is not connected data packets, Siri can also help activate it.

All that can be done with the help of Siri, without the user need to enter Passcode to iPhone to unlock. Most likely this can happen because there is a gap on Siri.

Do not worry, of course this will not affect the data stored on the user's phone.

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