Sony Starts Selling Second Generation e-Paper Watches

Sony Starts Selling Second Generation e-Paper Watches
Sony released the second generation of ePaper-based watch technology. The product named FES Watch U that provides an update in the form of metal frames that are absent from the first generation watch.

The background part of the clock and the belt pattern can be changed as desired because using ePaper. The trick is to connect FES Watch U with FES Closet app on smartphone via Bluetooth connection.

Sony said it would release a new clock design every month until the end of this year. These designs can later be applied by the owners of FES Watch U through the above application.

Watch Watch U's own watch unit has a case with a diameter of 43 mm and a thickness of 1 2mm. Weighs 75 grams with batteries that can last for 3 weeks. This watch is waterproof and dust with IP67 certification.

FES Watch U earlier this week went on sale in Japan from the Sony First Flight mobfunding site, as well as a number of fashion boutiques in Tokyo, as summarized from The Verge.

There are two variants on offer, the standard finishing version for 46,000 yen (US $ 413) and the "premium black" variant with the official 60,000 yen (US $ 548). Like the previous product, both of these watches will likely only be sold in Japan.

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