Spectacles Glasses Starting Out In the US

Spectacles Glasses Starting Out In the US
After only marketed exclusively in the United States (US), Spectacles glasses made by Snap is now beginning to target other countries.

As a reminder, Spectacles are goggles equipped with a small camera. Its function is to do the recording between 10 seconds - 30 seconds once pressed the button. Then, the recording that can be seen on the phone screen can be directly uploaded to the user's Snapchat account.

Spectacles itself is contrived to answer the wishes of users who want to share Snapchat any time to share their activities to friends.

Now, after only limited sale in the US, Spectacles began to track the continent of Europe. Noted there are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, as the respected nations.

Not limited to Spectacles, Snap will also maintain a unique marketing style in those countries. So as in the US, consumers can get these glasses through a vending machine that has a unique shape. Although consumers can also buy it via the online store Spectacles.

About the price, as quoted from TechCrunch, Spectacles valued at 150 euros or 130 pounds in Europe.