Steve Wozniak Patents Tesla Than Apple

Steve Wozniak Patents Tesla Than Apple
As one of the founders of Apple, usually the view of the person will tend to support the company associated with it. But not so with Steve Wozniak.

Friends of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs is indeed known to open with any technological innovation and not fanatical on a particular brand. This attitude is also shown Woz, when talking about automotive technology.

Wozniak predicts that something that kicked off in the automotive in the future will be born from Tesla, an automotive company owned by Elon Musk. Whereas as is known, Apple also has a special division that is now moving to develop automotive.

"I think Tesla is in the best direction right now, they have done a lot of effort to do things that are risky," Woz said quoted from Cnet.

His belief in Tesla because of the role of Musk. Through the leadership of Musk, born innovations such as electric cars, autonomous cars, to the need for an efficient transportation system.

Woz expressed his admiration for Musk by establishing a company called The Boring Company that allows the absence of traffic because it uses underground aisles.

"I'll bet on Tesla," he said confidently.

Looking at some of the portfolios done by Musk with Tesla, Wozniak believes that there will be something bigger in the field of technology born in their hands.

"Look at companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft that have changed the world, including Tesla, they usually come from young people, they will give birth to big business," he believes.

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