Tesla Model X Five Star Pocket for Security Standards

Tesla Model X Five Star Pocket for Security Standards
Autonomous electric car Tesla Model X pocketed five stars for safety standards from the United States highway traffic safety authority, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Quoting Tech Crunch, NHTSA gave a five star rating to Model X for each of the categories and subcategories tested. This testing process involves an independent agency.

In addition, according to the NHTSA rating system, in terms of the extent of injury suffered by passengers, Model X occupies the second position after Model S.

So how can Model X earn five stars for each category and subcategory of assessment?

Apparently, the unique design of this vehicle, which influences to electric powertrain, becomes the key behind Tesla's achievement. Powertrain is a system that continues the power from the engine  to the final drive.

Batteries installed and scattered on the bottom of the vehicle make the Model X center of gravity much lower and distribution down, when compared with traditional fuel injection-engined SUV. The lower center of gravity is helpful in preventing overturning, which is the weak point of the SUV type vehicle.

To note, the NHTSA assessment results also predict about 93 percent chance of passengers in Model X avoid serious accidents. This is of course a remarkable achievement for Tesla after the Model S.

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