These 4 Games Will Not Certain You Can Save

The difficulties of various games are diverse, ranging from the easy to the difficult to the impossible to be rescued altogether. The gamer's openness in playing the game also varied, ranging from mild to difficult. Not a few gamers who like to play very difficult game , Until it is impossible to be saved.

For games that will not be saved also vary and have different genres ranging from casual, platform, to puzzle. Here is the summarized what games you will not be able to save, here.

1. Flappy Bird

These 4 Games Will Not Certain You Can Save
Flappy Bird is a platform game, where you are in charge of controlling a bird through various obstacles. Flappy Bird itself is a game that you can not save even impossible, because this game does not have the tip. In the Flappy Bird game the bird you drive will pass through endless obstacles until you lose.

2. Cat Mario

Cat Mario is still entering the Platform game genre, which this game sends you through the various obstacles faced by Cat or Cat. Cat Mario itself is almost the same as the game Mario Bross, which surely you all already know.

But this Cat Mario has trouble decades from the game Mario Bross. Why not, level 1 of this game alone has made heads break how to finish it.

3. Myst

These 4 Games Will Not Certain You Can Save
This one game is a puzzle game by way of point and click. What makes the Myst game difficult or impossible to save is that the puzzle given in the game has a very high level of difficulty making you impossible to solve it.

4. Minesweeper

This one game is the default game from Windows OS on PC. MineSweeper is a very complicated puzzle game, where you have to hit a box with no traps, while you do not know which trap is safe. So in this play requires a very high accuracy, so a little mistake can be fatal and make you impossible to finish it. To play this one game is available by default in your Windows.

Each game does have a variety of difficulties, but no games can not be saved or won, because there must be a gap that is made for you to win or finish the game.

Maybe there are 4 games that you can not save. So which games do you play the most?

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