This Google Employee is Living and Housing in Parking

With the big name of Google, it certainly comes to mind that the lives of its employees live in large homes or apartments. Interestingly it does not apply to Pete D'Andrea who prefer to live in the parking lot of Google headquarters in Mountain View, United States.

Pete whose status as a worker at Google decides to live in an office parking. Caravan type car made a roof to rest like a home with a beloved wife named Kara.

As reported by Business Insider, the young couple has been living in Google's parking for the past two years. They claim to be the longest couple living in the vehicle's shelter area.

Pete has been part of Google for the past five years and the last two years he has been living in Google's parking lot. Currently the 33-year-old man is working as a program manager for research and development teams.

This couple lives like camping. As is known, Google provides free facilities to employees, such as meals and up to fitness classes, which they use with maximum.

The decision to stay in the office that impact they can save 80% of revenue. Indeed, despite high pay, rental rates or buying occupancy around Silicon Valley too high. That's why there are employees like Pete who choose to live in a caravan car.

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