Travis Kalanick Resigns from Uber CEO

Travis Kalanick Resigns from Uber CEO
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick eventually retired from his post. In fact, a few days earlier, this Uber founder took a sabbatical from the company to mourn the death of the mother.

Kalanick's departure from his post as CEO was called due to various pressures from Uber's corporate board and investors. They judge Kalanick to be one of the triggers of the heat in Uber.

As quoted from The New York Times, on Tuesday, five major Uber investors asked Kalanick to immediately resign. One of the investors who asked Kalanick to resign was Uber's biggest shareholder from a Benchmark venture named Bill Gurley.

Just to note, Kalanick's letter of recommendation was sent to Kalanick when he was on leave and was in Chicago. In a letter "Moving Uber Forward" that, investors ask Kalanick to immediately retreat because the company requires a change of leadership.

Kalanick then consulted with members of Uber's board of directors and investors. Furthermore, Kalanick also agreed to resign. Even so, he will remain on Uber's board of directors after resigning.

In his remarks, Kalanick said that he loved Uber so much and it was hard to retreat from his position.

"I really love Uber more than anything else in the world.This is a very difficult time in my life, I have to accept requests from investors to resign, so that Uber can continue to grow and not be disturbed by other conflicts," said Travis Kalanick.

Kalanick's move during Uber's lead was called into question as an example of a startup in Silicon Valley. In recent months, Uber did suffer a lot of problems. Starting from sexually discriminating, firing employees, corporate culture, to sexist jokes.

The failure of Travis Kalanick began early in the year, after a female engineer at Uber exposed himself to sexual harassment at the company. It also triggered the emergence of other similar complaints and made the company conduct an internal investigation.

Not only internal issues, Uber is also reportedly dealing with intellectual property rights claims over Waymo, an autonomos project under the Alphabet.

Uber's party is now embarking on major changes to make the work environment more professional. Now Uber is also reportedly looking for a new executive officer, including to occupy the vacant CEO position due to Kalanick's retreat.