Twitter Able to Detect Criminal Activities Faster than Police

Twitter Able to Detect Criminal Activities Faster than Police
Twitter has proven to be an important platform for sharing information during a crisis. Now, recent research shows that the microblogging site can detect serious events much faster than the police, to be more precise, about 1 hour faster.

By analyzing data from the London unrest in 2011, researchers at Cardiff University pointed out that computer systems can scan Twitter's content and find potentially dangerous events, such as glass destruction or burning cars, much faster than waiting to be reported to the Metropolitan Police Service.

The system can also use rumors on Twitter to estimate where the unrest occurred and even track the position of the community gathered in real-time, as mentioned by Engadget.

The researchers used a set of machine learning algorithms to analyze each tweet from a dataset of 1.6 million tweets. In addition to tweet content, this algorithm also takes into account when a tweet is created and the location of the uploader. With two exceptions, this algorithm can always track events faster than the police.

The study came after West Midlands Police Chief Police said, due to budget cuts, the police would "face serious challenges" if it had to deal with unrest as of 2011. Researchers from this report believe monitoring Twitter can answer the problem.

Dr Pete Burnap from the School of Computer Science and Informatics, Cardiff University said, "Prior to this, we have used machine learning and natural language processing in Twitter data to better understand online irregularities, such as the spread of antagonistic content and cyber hatred."

"In this research we show that social media is a place for people to report something that happens in everyday life, including social chaos and criminal activity.We will not replace police, but we have proven that this can strengthen the collection process Intelligence and police methods could be better with the help of technology. "