Uber Criticized for Enabling Expensive Rates During London Terror

Uber Criticized for Enabling Expensive Rates During London Terror
Uber was accused of taking advantage at a critical moment by still activating the 'surge pricing' when there was terror in the heart of London, England, last week.

This criticism is pouring in Twitter's social media, denouncing Uber's attitude. Many argue, Uber should turn off the 'surge pricing' for people who are trying to save themselves.

"Hey @ Uber, raise the tariff x 2.1 during the terror attacks in #London? Sure enough," said one of the netizens.

"I'm a loyal user of @Uber but was disappointed to find Uber taking advantage of a terrorist attack," another netizen said.

Responding to this scathing criticism, Uber London General Manager Tom Elvidge claims, it has been acting preventive by turning off the feature of 'surge pricing'.

He asserted, Uber will not charge the passengers who drive around the area of the terror attack.

"Immediately after hearing of the incident, we immediately suspended the setting of dynamic tariffs around the area of attack, to the whole of central London, just as we did during the attacks in Manchester and Westminster," he said.

However, in the field, tariff increases are still occurring at this critical time. Uber rates are calculated using an algorithm that responds to demand.

This controversial tariff model, usually suspended during an emergency. Still, Uber was criticized for being sluggish in responding to the situation.

Two terror attacks occurred on Saturday (3/6) evening local time. The first terror occurred at London Bridge at 22.08 BTS. A white van moving from north to south suddenly climbed onto the sidewalk and hit a passing pedestrian.

A number of men then came out of the white van, then made further terror by poking knives into pedestrians. At least two victims were reported killed in the incident.

Then the second terror occurred in Borough Market. This second terror occurred at 23:43 pm. There are six dead in this incident. Of the perpetrators there are 3 people killed.

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