Update, Firefox Claimed Tighter than Google Chrome

Update, Firefox Claimed Tighter than Google Chrome
Mozilla has just released an update for the Firefox browser. This update focuses on improving browser speed and slashing memory consumption.

Firefox 54, so the new version name, opens a web processing limit that can be done at a time. Initially the limit is at number one. On this update, the processing was changed to four.

In addition, Mozilla also allows its users to set the processing limit at will by entering "about: config" in the address bar.

As reported by The Verge, in this way Firefox 54 so feels firmer and able to get high value when tested using the browser speed benchmark.

The benchmark value is claimed to be higher than Google Chrome and Apple Safari. In fact, after being used to open 20 tabs, Firefox is still faster.

"This is indeed the biggest code change in Firefox history," said Vice President of Product Firefox, Nick Nguyen.

An increase in the processing system limit from one to four may seem a little impressed. However, this increase has a significant effect on the number of processes that can run simultaneously and reduce memory consumption.

The number four, according to the Mozilla software development team, is the most optimal limit that can be applied to the browser in a computer with 8 GB of RAM.

So far, web processing in Firefox is noticeably slower because the browser relies on a single processing system to open 2.5 Mb tabs. With the current update, processing when opening these tabs can be handled by more systems.

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