US Approves Visitor Approval Rules Submit Social Media Accounts

US Approves Visitor Approval Rules Submit Social Media Accounts
US visa applicants must submit their social media account when applying for a visa. Previously this has not been approved by the government of US President Donald Trump.

But citing the Independent page, the Trump administration on May 23 has approved a closer inspection process for US visa applicants.

Thus, officials at the US Embassy have the authority to request social media accounts, email addresses and phone numbers of visa applicants for the past five years.

Not only that, officials in the US embassy are also allowed to request the address, occupation, and travel history of visa applicants for the last 15 years.

A US State Department official said the question of a new social media account will be presented to a particular applicant whose identity needs to be confirmed further.

Therefore, embassy officials have full authority to decide who gets a visa without any hassle and who should undergo a more rigorous examination (including submitting their social media accounts).

Unfortunately, there is no clear mention of the applicant as to which his identity needs to be confirmed further. In addition, no mention is also started when social media checks for US visa applicants will apply.

A rigorous examination for US visa applicants is apparently also drawn criticism from various circles. According to them, this will make the visa application process becomes more severe.

President of the Iran-American Association Yousefzadeh said, "The United States is one of the most visually strictly licensed countries in the world, and the need to tighten the visa application process is not clear."

Earlier, President Trump had several times tried to enforce travel restrictions to prevent Muslim-majority citizens from entering the United States. The US appeals court has recently rejected because it is considered a discriminatory act.

Not only that, the Trump government also seems to be starting to improve national security by issuing a ban on bringing laptops in flight to the US.

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