User Balance Depleted, Tokopedia Hacked?

User Balance Depleted, Tokopedia Hacked?
A number of Tokopedia users complain of unknown transactions in their accounts. Most users report, the balance in their StoreCash account is used by irresponsible parties to shop for game vouchers.

Many claim the balance in their TokoCash account is drained to buy Steam Wallet game vouchers. Many users argue, Tokopedia system burglarized by hackers so as to drain their balance to buy the game voucher.

Because Tokopedia does not have Customer Service via phone, instantly users who directly disrupt the official Tokopedia account losses on Twitter, either @ tokopedia or @ tokopediacare.

"@tokopedia hallo..tokocash I seem to be used by other people !! There is a 1 hour transactions u / purchase of game vouchers !! Mhn help," wrote the owner of the account @ GUR3N in Twiiter.

Another Tokopedia user named Thomas, also complained about similar things.

"Thomas said he did not make any transactions, so he got a notification of the purchase transaction voucher game successfully."

"Anyone have no call center tokopedia? My account has just been hacked and the toped balance is used to buy game vouchers. And I do not do any transactions, "said Thomas.

Not yet known the cause of the depletion of the user's TokoCash balance. Until this news rises, Tokopedia has not responded to the case.