Violate Privacy, Uber Sues Rape Victim

Violate Privacy, Uber Sues Rape Victim
A woman raped in India by a Uber driver registered her second lawsuit to Uber. What's his lawsuit?

According to the victim, the Uber executive broke the law for reading and disseminating the victim's medical records related to the rape. The victim who was raped by a Uber India driver in 2014 registered his lawsuit anonymously.

In this second lawsuit, the victim mentioned Eric Alexander, VP of Business Uber Asia taking the victim's secret document containing the medical records made in the victim's examination after the rape.

Later, Alexander shared the medical records with Kalanick and Emil Michael. The medical records were then discussed between them and also with other Uber staff to look for possibilities if the victim's lawsuit was contrived, in order to damage Uber's business.

The lawsuit itself was filed in a court of the Northern District of California, charged with a privacy violation and defamation, according to Ars Technica.

"The victim is saddened by Uber's actions and his executives, who violate the privacy of his medical records from the rape, and without any feelings of guilt for the privacy violations they are distributing the content to the entire company," writes the victim's lawyer.

This is one of the causes of a number of things in Uber's internal past, such as the dismissal of a number of executives, including Emil Michael and Eric Alexander, as well as Kalanic's retreat from the CEO position. 

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