When Apple Store So Venue Wedding Photos

When Apple Store So Venue Wedding Photos
Southeast Asia now has the first Apple Store located in Orchard Road, Singapore. Apple Store is officially opened on Saturday 27 May 2017.

Like other Apple official stores, Apple Orchard Road sells Apple's flagship gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, iMac, MacBook, Apple Watch, and Apple product accessories.

Not yet a month in operation, there is a unique thing going on there. The unique story in question is when the store is used as a wedding photo venue.

Instead of choosing an intimate photo in a church chapel or altar, the couple Jermyn Wee and Chia Suat Huang chose to capture their photos in a series of photo sessions on Apple Orchard Road.

As quoted from Strait Times, Chia who works as a teacher explains, he originally wanted to do a photo session at Tampines Round Market, a hawker center in Singapore. However, when he heard Apple had opened an official shop in his country, he and his partner decided to do a photo session on Apple Orchard Road.

Simply, the reason is Chia is an iPhone user and Apple computer. While her husband is a big fan of Apple. "Jermyn is very happy to have a wedding photo session at the Apple Store, thankfully the store is air-conditioned," said Chia.

Chia recounts, they went to the Apple Store one morning and asked for permission from the store staff to do a photo shoot there. Luckily, the store manager allowed them to enter the store ten minutes before the store opened.

Even so, ten minutes does not seem to be enough time for a photo session. They still survive until a number of other customers come in, even without a doubt Wee and Chia walk in the middle of the store as they walk on the altar in the presence of other customers.

"We just laughed it with that embarrassing moment, but it's really cool," said Chia, who was engaged in July 2016.

Just to note, the Apple Store Singapore is located in the shopping center of Orchard Road, a two-story building that has 36.5 meters of glass walls. The building also has a glass panel as high as 14 meters and 7.6 meters canopy on the roof.

The Apple Store is flanked by two Castania stone steps with a curved shape. In the store, Apple employs 273 employees.

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