Xbox One X Official Released, Sold US $ 499

Xbox One X Official Released, Sold US $ 499
Now it's not just PlayStation 4 which has another more powerful version (PS4 Pro), Microsoft has followed a similar step by announcing a new console named X Box One X.

New game console previously known as the "Project Scorpio" was introduced at the E3 2017 game conference in Los Angeles, United States, which took place this week.

Physical Xbox One X looks similar to Xbox One "regular" and Xbox One S. There is a little bit different on the face and sides of the device.

But the offal inside Xbox One X is more powerful to run various games in 4K resolution. This graphics processor chip (GPU) console has a working frequency of 1172 MHz.

That number is higher than the GPU Xbox One (853 MHz) and even PS4 Pro though (911 MHz). Xbox One X graphics computing power was recorded at 6 teraflop, greater than 4.2 teraflop recorded PS4 Pro.

As a result, Microsoft promises Xbox One game titles that exist now will experience improved performance when run with Xbox One X.

Microsoft also bundles 1 TB of storage media and Ultra HD Blu-ray drive to enjoy 4K movies, in the Xbox One X sales package.

A total of 22 games are prepared to be present on Xbox One X, including Crackdown 3, Forza Motorsport 7, and Sea of Thieves, as summarized from The Verge.

Xbox One X is claimed as the world's most powerful game console is scheduled to be present on the market on 7 November. This item is priced at US $ 499

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