YouTube Launches VR 180, New Virtual Reality Video Format

YouTube Launches VR 180, New Virtual Reality Video Format
Indeed, YouTube already has support for virtual reality content (VR) through the video features 360, but this video sharing service now provides another option via video format titled VR180.

As the name implies, VR180 is practically a pruning version of the 360 video. The point is, if in the 360 video the user can see 360 degree rotation, then in VR180 the user can only see 180 degrees.

Despite the lower reach of 360 videos, YouTube boasted that the VR180 could have been even more fun. Because the making of VR video so much easier, as well as the latest VR format is certainly going to support Google Daydream platform, Cardboard, and PlayStation VR.

VR180 development done Youtube simultaneously team from Google Daydream. In the future, Google Daydream team also plans to bring a special camera VR180. Even Xiaomi Yi, Lenovo, and LG are said to have committed to bring the VR180 camera device.

Furthermore, the Google Daydream team is said to have also set up a VR180 certification program, which makes the Z Cam manufacturer as its first partner. Similarly as quoted from Tech Viral.

But given the VR180 is a completely new standard, YouTube is called going to need a decent effort to popularize this VR format. So we look forward to its development.

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