3 Dangers to Charge Smartphones Through Laptop

Without us knowing, there are some habits that look safe to do but in fact can cause negative impact. As with our discussion this time.

Although it looks practical and safe to do, it fills the smartphone through a laptop can also pose a danger that you may have never thought of before. What are the dangers? Here's the review.

Smartphones are at risk of corruption

Currently we are spoiled with a universal USB smartphone port so that the smartphone can easily connect with other devices such as laptops, powerbank, even with other smartphones.

Then is it dangerous to charge the smartphone via laptop? Actually no. But if this is done continuously, most likely the smartphone will be damaged. Because the flow of electricity provided by the USB port on the laptop is unstable and small power so that the charging process will be much longer alias is not normal.

Charging a smartphone that is unstable and too long will make the smartphone become hot so that the possibility of smartphone hardware will be damaged.

In addition, because of the old charging process, inevitably you will operate the smartphone when the charging process takes place. The effect of your smartphone battery is also at risk of experiencing damage.

Theft of data by hackers

Basically, a USB port on a laptop is created to connect or synchronize smartphone data with a laptop. So, if you often charge your smartphone via laptop, the risk of data theft is higher.

Because, when you connect a smartphone with a laptop, it automatically saves important data from a smartphone such as a brand, the name of the smartphone owner, smartphone series, operating system, firmware, up to your smartphone ID chip.

Well, these things are the gaps of hackers stealing your personal data. Plus, if a laptop or computer uses a pirated operating system that has been infected with a virus, the risk of data theft becomes higher.

Laptop battery is damaged

Not only batteries and smartphone components are vulnerable to damage, laptop batteries are also at risk of rapid damage when used to charge the smartphone continuously. Any battery that is in a gadget, whether it's smartphone battery, laptop, smartwatch, or other devices must have its own life cycle.

So, If you often use laptop to charge smartphone, laptop battery will quickly thirst and if left, it is certain age of your laptop battery will be shorter than it should be.

That's three dangers if you too often charging smartphone through laptop. So do not do it too often if you want to avoid the three dangers above. Charge your smartphone with a laptop only when it is critical or in a state of urgency.

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