Advantages And Disadvantages Antivirus Windows Defender

Antivirus Windows Defender
Although Windows Defender feels quite as an antivirus for Windows 10, but I am aware that in this world nothing is perfect. In other words, the application of virus eradication made in Microsoft also has advantages and disadvantages. That's why some people still feel the need to install another antivirus if the data held is important and confidential.

That's my opinion. If your computer is used mediocre, it does not need additional antivirus from third parties. Conversely, if used extreme, please just install additional antivirus as long as quality (usually paid) in order to have a full feature is also not a burden for the performance of the computer itself.

Advantages of Windows Defender Antivirus

For those of you who feel only need Windows Defender, may be curious actually the advantages and disadvantages of built-in antivirus (Windows operating system 10) anything. If it is true that info is searched, below I try to write some of them.

1. Always on and alert

The first advantage is that Windows Defender is always on. When plugging a flas disk or browsing to a suspected malicious suspect, it will automatically alert you that viruses and malware are found to be harmful to your computer system.

2. Cleaning maximally

In addition to providing warnings, Windows Defender also cleans the virus thoroughly and maximally. When compared with most third-party antivirus, which usually instantly delete the file simultaneously, Windows Defender only execute on the virus only. So the file remains safe alias will not be lost.

3. Windows Defender will request a restart if it finds a malignant virus

If Windows Defender finds viruses and malware hazards on the computer, the first one is sure to be eradicated. However, if the virus type is very malignant, will likely still appear again and again.  

In such circumstances Windows Defender will ask you to restart the computer. Shortly after lit back, then the virus has no alias is clean. Oh yes, how to restart like this is highly recommended when cleaning the virus.

Deficiency of Windows Defender Antivirus

1. Not too thorough

Scan using Windows Defender there are two options: quick and full. Quick scan is fast scanning but will force the computer to work harder. While full scan is full scanning and takes a long time. This is where the weakness of Windows Defender. Sometimes the two scans above are not so meticulous that a small virus can be missed.

2. Reduce computer performance if install additional antivirus

An antivirus software alone usually requires much RAM capacity. Especially if more than one? It will definitely make the computer so slow due to decreased performance. So, if you're using a computer just for normal activities, my advice is just one antivirus, Windows Defender. No additional third party antivirus is required.

I think that's the advantages and disadvantages of Windows Defender antivirus. If this article is still incomplete you can add it in the comment field.