All Latest iPhone Use OLED Screen in 2018?

Apple is reportedly going to use an OLED display for the new iPhone lineup by 2018. This information was revealed by two industry sources.

Reported by Nikkei Asian Review, both sources said, three iPhones with OLED screen will be released in the second half of 2018. Apple is working on all three released together next year.

Apple reportedly has started designing a number of new iPhone to released in 2018, but the plan can change at any time. Because there are a number of obstacles that must be addressed if Apple wants all new iPhone next year already using OLED.

A number of sources in the OLED production equipment industry expect that panel manufacturers will not be able to meet production demand, if Apple wants to use OLED screens on all new iPhone next year. Until now, there has been no confirmation from Apple about the report.

Furthermore, since the last few months, Apple reportedly will use OLED screen on one of three new iPhone this year. Two other iPhone still use LCD.

Yuanta Investment Consulting estimates that iPhone shipments in the second half of 2017 will reach 90 million units, half of which are OLED handsets.

OLED display so far has been called to have sharper color contrast than LCD and can be bent. If Apple manages to realize its OLED plan in 2018, then most likely OLED will also be the mainstream screen for premium smartphone other smartphone vendors.

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