AMD Radeon RX Vega Will Have Three Complete Variants with Water-Cooling System

Radeon RX Vega
AMD will soon release a gaming version of AMD Vega later this month and according to Videocardz website, RX Vega will be divided into three variants: AMD Radeon RX Vega XTX, RX Vega XT, and RX Vega XL.

Different from the RX Vega XT and RX Vega XL, the AMD Radeon RX Vega XTX version will come with a water-cooling system. This GPU will feed 375 Watt. While the RX Vega XT and RX Vega XL will come with a water-cooling system with a power of 285 Watt each.

RX Vega XTX and RX Vega XT will have a 4Ghz processor speed with 8GB of memory, while the RX Vega XL will have 3.5Ghz processor speed with unknown memory.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the clockspeed is owned by the three variants of the latest GPU GPU. However Videocardz ensures that the RX Vega XL will be slower than Vega XTX and XT even though it has been overclocked to the same processor speed frequency.

Surely this information should not be taken seriously before AMD itself confirms it.
AMD RX Vega will be released at the end of July at the Capscaicin SIGGRAPH event to be held starting on July 30, 2017.