Apple Gets License From US FCC To Test 5G Cellular Technology

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Officially Apple has been licensed to test the 5G wireless data technology. The approval has been offered by the US FCC for an experimental license to test the next generation 5G wireless broadband at two locations near California.

And Apple is also likely to test 5G so it has the advantage of making iPhone future very quickly and efficiently when 5G finally launched to the public and marketed to the public. In this case, Apple will use the bands 28GHz and 39GHz, forged by the FCC last year, and especially for companies to test the 5G network technology.

Approval to test the 5G mobile network by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opens enormous opportunities for future product companies including the iPad and iPhone ranks.T-Mobile will focus 5G networks on the medium and low frequency spectrum of 600MHz, while Sprint will be looking to launch in the 2.5GHz band.

But this latest report, the Apple App does not provide details on how the 5G service will work in practice, but will be given access to know the quality of its technology in two locations near its California office until August 2018.

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