Apple Smart Glasses Patent Show AR Technology

Apple Smart Glasses
Not long ago, Google is reportedly testing the glasses smart. Now the news comes from competitors, Apple. Apple patents have emerged by detailing a pair of smart glasses that seem to be aimed at displaying augmented reality (AR) technology.

The patent shows something like two parts of the system that will enhance the AR experience. Interestingly, Apple's smart glasses will have a touchscreen support type.

Interesting points of this patent seemed to describe the world called the "real environment". When you snap a picture with an iPhone in one of the city blocks, for example, the AR system of this device will be able to identify and then point out points of interest in the block, such as historic buildings, popular restaurants, famous street art, or the like.

The patent includes an illustration showing the type of AR system available on the phone, which is certainly the iPhone, as well as the system for smart glasses. This wearable device if it matches the patent revealed will feature at least one built-in camera that can describe the real environment.

Without using a smartphone to connect, then selecting points of interest in the environment, which in turn will identify the visual device for the user.

The details of this patent will at least bring the device to the next level, by adding a kind of touch screen functionality to the glasses.

In this case, the camera on the Apple eyeglass can be used to identify where the user's finger to the environment appears, react to it as if the user is touching the object or location on the actual glasses view.

For example, someone wearing these AR smart sunglasses can see a wall of artwork, reach it and point their index finger to a certain painting.

Cameras that monitor the real environment in front of eyeglasses will notice the user's finger and react to the device, so as to express interesting things and possibly also provide additional supplementary information. The patent depicts a 'semi-transparent' smart eyeglass screen.
Reported by Slash Gear, the patent was discovered by Patently Apple, who said that the patent came from Metaio, the company that Apple acquired several years ago. Obviously, this is not Apple's first smart patent patent but this patent shows the company's focus on the AR aspect.

Meanwhile, despite the long vacuum and unheard of news, Google glasses reportedly being tested and applied in many factories in the United States. Dubbed Google Glass Enterprise Edition (EE), this headset is the same as viewed in the 2015 FCC archive and was seen on eBay in 2016.