Apple Will Create OLED Screens To Reduce Dependence on Samsung

Two companies from South Korea, Samsung and LG, are OLED display manufacturers, in addition to making smartphones and other electronic devices. Both are supplying OLED screens to other companies.

In addition, recently Samsung is expected to become the supplier of OLED display for the latest iPhone. Even so, Apple reportedly will not continue to depend on Samsung.

As proclaimed Phone Arena, the California-based company has purchased a number of chemical vapor deposition machines (CVD) used to create OLED display panels. The machine is stationed in Taiwan.
Cooperation between Apple with Samsung about OLED display itself will last until 2018 when the latest iPhone released. Thus, Apple OLED panel production is estimated as a reduction of dependence on South Korean companies.

Previously reported that the Samsung OLED screen will decorate the new iPhone this year. Not only for iPhone 8, OLED screen will also be used on refresher version of iPhone 7S and iPhone 7 Plus.

While in 2018, Apple will pin the OLED screen on two models of the iPhone with the size of 5.28 inches and 6.46 inches. With the new type of display, Apple is expected to change all its product lines from LCD screen to OLED.

The supply of OLED screens themselves had reportedly experienced a crisis due to the large number of requests. Therefore no wonder when Apple is now starting to make their own type of screen for the device.