Avast Company Acquisitions CCleaner Maker

The cyber-security firm Avast recently acquired Piriform, the company behind the CCleaner app.

Piriform was founded in London in 2004. The company creates a number of utility and cross-platform optimization tools including Windows, Mac and Android. The most widely known and worldwide product of Piriform is CCleaner.

With this program, Windows, Mac, and Android users can, among other things, delete temporary files or junk files left over from program usage in the operating system. Thus, the remaining storage space on the device becomes more.

Piriform claims CCleaner already pocketed 130 million users worldwide, including 15 million users in the Android ecosystem.

While Avast was formed in 1988 and is one of the world's most famous cyber security brands. Not long ago AVG also annexed its competitors through a deal worth US $ 1.3 billion.

This acquisition creates a new entity with over 400 million users worldwide, with approximately 60 million of whom are in the US.

For Avast, the acquisition of Piriform makes a lot of sense, as CCleaner and Avast's popularity has the potential to offer users the best experience in terms of system security and performance.

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