Can Charging Himself, It's the World's First Kinetic Smartwatch

Just like smartphones, battery problems also apply to smartwatch. Batteries that quickly wasteful also encourage users to always charge the device every time.

Ongoing charging is also not good for a device. Well, to overcome this, the startup from Switzerland, namely Sequent presents a new innovation by developing a smartwatch that can perform self-charging.

Keep in mind, kinetic watches rely on automatic movement that generates a magnetic charge and turns into electrical energy to keep the clock alive. Sequent uses the kinetic concept of a traditional clock to be embedded on smartwach.

That is, smartwatch Sequent will charge the battery itself when the user moves. Sequent is claimed to be the first kinetic smartwatch in the world.

A number of mainstay specifications on this hybrid watch include heart rate sensor, activity tracker, GPS, Bluetooth, and notification. About the price, Sequent will be sold for US $ 438.

Currently, Sequent is still collecting funding on the Kickstarter website. Not yet known when this smartwatch will officially slide into the market. Similarly, as quoted from The Verge.