China Starts Simulating 200 Days of Life on Other Planets

Since last year, China has announced its plan to travel into space. In fact, the country is targeting to be the first to land on Mars.

To support the plan, China has also embarked on a live simulation program in outer space. Four students from Beijing University reportedly took part in the simulation.

Quoted from Engadget, they will start a simulation of life with conditions similar to Mars or the Moon. So, the four students will survive with limited resources and take advantage of the surrounding conditions.

One of them is to recycle the urine into drinking water, including getting oxygen from the plants it carries. Not only physically, these simulations also test their mental resilience to live in outer space.

The reason, for 200 days, they will stay isolated in a small place and do not communicate with relatives. This simulation also provides an overview of human reactions when not exposed to sunlight in the long term.

Although not the longest simulation ever conducted, this test is an important step in China's efforts to conquer space. Moreover, China is trying to catch up from the United States and Russia in the field of space.

For information, China Space Agency (CNSA) is somewhat ambitious to fly into space. They claimed in a short time it was able to fly the spacecraft to Mars.

As an early stage, CNSA built a rover to explore Mars. Although it has not been ascertained, the final design of the rover has been shown to the Chinese government.

With the help of computer-generated images technology from the Chinese State Administration of Science, the CNSA has released a scheme of how the rover landed on the surface of Mars.

Later, the rover will be tasked to collect soil and atmospheric data, including signs of life that support such as ice or water content on the Red planet.

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