Chinese Ambition in the Field of Artificial Intelligence

China released national artificial intelligence development plan (AI) on Thursday (20/7/2017). The plan poured China's ambition to build the world's leading technology amid increasing international friction in connection with the application of artificial intelligence in the military sector.

The value of the core industry of artificial intelligence in China is predicted to exceed 150 billion yuan in 2020 and 400 billion yuan by 2025, the State Council said in a statement, as quoted by Reuters.

"The national security situation and international competition are complex and we must take strong initiative in understanding the new developmental stage for artificial intelligence and create new competitive advantages," he said.

The plan came as the United States is ready to step up its investment oversight, including in the field of artificial intelligence, due to fears that other countries including China can access their important and strategic military technology.

In a way, China's efforts follow a national artificial intelligence development plan similar to that released by the US in October 2016.

The plan also shows how China aims to be a global leader in this field by fixing existing problems, including the lack of computer chips and top-class equipment, software, and trained personnel. In addition, China's strategic plan is also mentioned to strengthen the relationship between private companies, research bodies and military agencies to promote joint development in the field of artificial intelligence.

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