Communication Charter Has No Interest To Buy Sprint

Charter Communications Inc. Said on Sunday that it was not interested in buying Sprint Corp. So the last majority owner, SoftBank Group Corp., considers how to merge the business. Sprint proposed a merger with Charter because the wireless carrier is looking for an alternative to a deal with T-Mobile US which has so far not yielded results.

SoftBank Group Corp. of Japan, which controls Sprint's control, proposes a complex transaction agreement that will make something new and new and controlled by SoftBank, the source said.

SoftBank Chief Executive Masayoshi Son is thinking carefully about offering the acquisition for the Charter, which has a market capitalization of $ 101 billion and other $ 60 billion debt.

Charter's management team gave Son's proposal to join Sprint to the board of directors, who considered it briefly before setting it up was a bad idea.

Since late May, Charter and Comcast Corp. Has held exclusive talks with Sprint about possible deals including those that have allowed cable companies to resell wireless services under their own brand.

MVNOs do not have their own network, and even lease capacity from operators that have a good position to sell to their customers, usually at a low price because of their small overhead costs, cheap distribution via the internet or department stores.

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