Company It Implant Chip to Employees, What For?

Micro Chip Implant
The use of implanted chips embedded into a person's body for various needs is increasingly becoming a trend.

A company in Wisconsin, United States, named Three Square Market implant implant chip into the body of its employees. Implant chips that have been implanted into the body of employees apparently aims to support the work and various access during the workplace.

Even so, implanted chip planting to employees' bodies by Three Square Market is not forced. Employees have the right to refuse if they do not agree.

As quoted Tekberg from Ubergizmo, the chip will be used as a sign of authentication while in the office environment. For example to verify the employees at the front door to to log on the PC office.

Not only that, implanted chips that have been implanted in the body of employees can also be used for the process of paying food in the cafeteria. That way, employees do not need to bring a wallet when they want to buy food.

Three Square Market claims, they are the first company in the United States that implant implant chip on the body of its employees.

Just for information, the company also asserted, the chip is not accompanied by the ability to track the location of employees using GPS. In addition, the data on the implant chip is secured with encryption so that it is safe from hacker attacks.

Three Square Market employees are free to ask the company to remove the implant chip from their bodies at any time.

Just for information, this is not the first time a company implant implant chip into the employee's body. Previously, companies in Sweden and Belgium also did the same.

With similar uses, the chip can be used to replace other devices, such as office keys or room access cards, attendance, and food payments in the cafeteria.

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