Creative, Photo of the Moon and Jupiter Targeted with Gameboy Camera

Game boy Camera
Astronomy is one of the interesting themes in photography. No doubt, photographers are competing to use their sophisticated camera devices to capture the scenery in outer space.

While many space photos appear with super-sharp resolution thanks to a sophisticated camera, another case with this one man.

The man named Alexander Pietrow, recently uploaded a new photo that shoots the Moon and Planet Jupiter. Uniquely, he immortalize the two space objects only with a Game Boy camera.

For those of you who are less familiar, Game Boy camera is one of the accessories that were released along with Nintendo Game Boy handheld console in 1998 ago. Reported by Ubergizmo, the camera carries a 2-bit configuration with 128x112 CMOS sensor.

Pietrow confessed, he did not expect to take a photo of the object of outer space with a camera toys classmates Game Boy. Therefore, he uses the Internet as one of the main media as a guide to take photos of the Moon and Jupiter.

"I learned how to do it from the internet and nobody has done this before - it's not as good as the others, but at least it's a distinctive feature," Pietrow said.

To capture the Moon and Jupiter, Pietrow attached his camera to the 1838 (6 inch) Fraunhofer telescope at the Leiden Observatory. The result is as Pietrow disclosed, not perfect.

So, do not compare the catch Pietrow with the results of professional camera shooting photos. Interestingly, the pixelation of the Moon and Jupiter photos is really typical of the Game Boy style. That way, the objects that appear appear to be like places in the old school video game.

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