Donald Trump Says Apple Will Build Three Big Factories in the US

Tim Cook And Donald Trump
President of the United States, Donald Trump, in an interview said Apple will build three factories in the country. The plant's construction plan, he said, was delivered directly by Apple CEO Tim Cook to Trump.
If Apple eventually builds a factory in the US, then one of Trump's ambitions will come true. Trump once told Time Magazine about his desire that Apple build the best factory in the US, even if it needs to be just a little bigger than some of the factories in China.

"I talked to Cook and he promised me there would be three big factories, I told him, Cook, my government can not be said to be economically successful if you do not build a factory in this country, then he calls me and says he will do it." As quoted by Phone Arena.
Trump does not provide detailed information about the three factories, including the construction site and what will be produced. Apple has not given an official statement about the plan to build a factory in the Land of Uncle Sam.

Apple currently relies on several contract manufacturing in the US for a number of Mac models, but products like the iPhone and iPad are manufactured in China by manufacturers like Foxconn and Pegatron.

Foxconn itself will build a plant in Wisconsin, but is expected to produce television screen panels and is not related to Apple production.