Elon Musk Reveals First Owner's Name Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3
Last week, in a chirp, CEO Tesla Elon Musk said Tesla Model 3 met all the provisions that local regulators enforced for mass production.

"The party for the delivery of thirty first (Model) 3 subscribers on July 28! Production figures grew significantly, so in August there will be 100 cars and September more than 1,500 cars," Musk wrote in his chirp, followed by several other chirp.

Most recently, he revealed the name of the first owner of Tesla Model 3, following a photo of the sedan.

"Ira Ehrenpreis is entitled to be the first owner of Tesla Model 3 because he has fulfilled all the deposits for the unit of the car, but to me this also means a birthday present. Said the man who once set up the PayPal.

Model 3, when compared to Model S and Model X that cost over US $ 100 thousand, "only" priced US $ 35 thousand. This "cheap" price makes the series the most affordable Tesla car.

For information, the pre-order session number for Tesla Model 3 reaches 400,000 units. The car was first introduced at an event held at Tesla's headquarters in California, USA.

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