Elon Musk Says Falcon Heavy Rocket Will Launch This November

Falcon Heavy Rocket
Elon Musk, announced the company's heavyweight rocket, Falcon Heavy, will take place in November. The initial plan, the launch of this rocket will take place in June, but backed down because it took more time to ship rocket equipment to Cape Canaveral.

Engadget news page, preach, this rocket is driven by three driving machines used in Falcon 9 rocket. That is, this rocket launcher can carry the load up to three times from Falcon 9.

Previously, SpaceX also intends to develop Falcon Heavy's rocket head to return to earth to be reusable. However, it seems that the intention is undone due to technical constraints.

After all, Musk did not expect much from this first launch of Falcon Heavy. In a space conference in Washington last week, he predicted the rocket would not reach its orbit in its first session.

November, Falcon Heavy will be launched from NASA's 39A launch pad at Kennedy Space Center. If the launch is successful, this rocket will be seconded in the launch of commercial flights to the moon next year.