Sony Ready to Introduce Bezel-less Smartphone at IFA 2017

Sony Ready to Introduce Bezel-less Smartphone at IFA 2017
IFA 2017 which will be held on 1 to 6 September 2017 in Berlin, Germany, so prestigious event for technology producers to showcase innovation blend. One of the technology manufacturers who participated in this annual event is Sony.

The Japanese electronics manufacturer will introduce a homemade smartphone that has adopted a bezel-less screen. If in the MWC 2017 and Sony has introduced Xperia XZ Premium with almost-bezel-less screen design, the new flagship smartphone will be released in IFA 2017 will have a thin edge again.

As reported by Gizmochina, a posting on Weibo mentioned starting early this June JDI started mass production of Full Active Display technology. JDI was formed in 2012 through the consolidation of Sony's display panel business, Hitachi and Toshiba which have announced Full Active LCD display technology last year and will be bringing the bezel-less screen to smartphone.

Recently JDI has also struggled due to the proliferation of LCD manufactures in China and the transition to OLED displays pioneered by Samsung that seem to achieve better resolution of LCDs. But the latest JDI concoction technology using a 6-inch screen and 18: 9 aspect ratio will place it higher than the screen panel pinned on the Mi MIX in terms of screen-to-body ratio.

Unfortunately, there is no further information about Sony's plans to introduce bezel-less smartphones at the 2017 IFA event later. However, it is time for Sony to deliver a bezel-less smartphone. This is considered important if Sony wants to really re-compete in the global smartphone market.

As we all know, not a few smartphone manufacturers are also a competitor to compete Sony smartphone-bezel-less mix. In this year there will be Apple who introduced the iPhone 8, Samsung which will release Galaxy Note 8 and Xiaomi which will market Mi MIX 2. All these smartphones will likely come with bezel-less design.  

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