Facebook Create Free Wifi Finder Feature

Facebook Create Free Wifi Finder Feature
The existence of the internet has made it easier for all people in the world to be connected. Even now connected to the internet it seems to be a mandatory thing.

Seeing this, recently Facebook has launched a new feature that is Find Wifi. Through this feature, users can get free internet access at public locations where they are.

"We launched Find Wifi in several countries last year and feel it is not only beneficial for people traveling or not traveling, but very useful in areas where mobile data is scarce," wrote the Facebook side quoted from Engadget.

But for dsapat use this feature, users must still have a data packet to search for available Wifi access. Then the user simply press the 'More' tab in the Facebook app and scroll down to 'Find Wifi'.

But if you want to use this feature, the user must first activate the location. When enabled, this site will regularly add a location to the Activity Log on Facebook, even if the user is not online.

Facebook feature of this course can be very very helpful for users who want to save data packets owned. But keep in mind if hackers often act on devices connected on the Wifi network in public places.

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