Facebook Silently Revive Google Project Ara

Google Project Ara
The development process of Project Ara, Google's futuristic modular smartphone, has to stop after producing a prototype on display in public. However, the presence of Moto Mods is referred to as an alternative to Project Ara.

No longer developed by Google, Facebook secretly showed interest in the rest of the development of Smart Ara Project smartphone. According to Business Insider reports, Facebook's secret division named Building 8 is working on a number of developers from Project Ara.

One of them is Regina Dugan. The woman who previously oversaw the Google project development process is now reported to be the head of Building 8. This report originated from a patent registration made by Facebook. The patent is described as a chassis and module with various functions that can be connected to the chassis.

On the documents, the patents listed will be used on smartphones and intelligent speakers. It's similar to the purpose and function that the previous Google Project Ara tool has.

There is no official confirmation regarding the information yet, but if the device will be realized, new customers will be able to get it in the next few years. Especially considering Facebook has not experienced in the realm of hardware.

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