Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat Contest 2018 World Cup

2018 World Cup
World Cup 2018 is still a long time, but various preparations have started since now. Similarly, the social media companies, have been competing to get broadcasting rights from this event.

Quoted from Betanews, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat do not want to miss a channel that later
for streaming footage of World Cup 2018 from Fox Sports.

As is known, Fox Sports became the holder of exclusive broadcasting rights United States for world football tournaments to be held in Russia. Given the importance of this event and attracted many people, of course the social media company saw the opportunity.

Reported by Bloomberg said, the company is willing to spend tens of millions of dollars to be able to show footage of World Cup 2018.

An unnamed source says, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are the three medsos that are competing for it. All three are still in the closed conversation stage.

There will be a lot of money that will flow from here, not just for Fox Sports. If successful bidding, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat will benefit greatly from ads that take advantage of the 2018 World Cup euphoria.

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