Google Spends € 706,000 to Create a Journalist Robot

There are a number of human jobs that will be replaced by robots and journalists to be one of them. In the future, the work of journalists could have been replaced by robots. Although not yet clear, at least this technology has been initiated by Google.

Google recently reportedly is developing a major project that will move in the field of robotics for journalists. As a first step, tech giant Uncle Sam's country is preparing a fund of € 706 000 to create artificial intelligence equivalent to the ability of human journalists while working.

According to information quoted by Ubergizmo, the company is headquartered in Mountain View, USA is also invited a number of media agencies in several countries to provide land for the robots created later.

Unmitigated, this journalist robot will be predicted to write about 30,000 thousand articles for local newspapers.

Although the robot can be hired as a journalist, chief editor of the UK Press Association, Peter Clifton claimed human journalists will still be prioritized. According to him, human journalists are better at working on the process of writing articles, considering they use the mind.

"Robots do use artificial intelligence while writing, but their tasks tend to work to check the accuracy of issues, grammar, and other technical matters that humans might forget," Clifton says.

Google has not revealed when this program will run. To be sure, robot journalists will not replace the whole human position. "They only act as supporting instruments, the rest are still people who work," he concluded.