HoloLens 2 Will Get Chip Al Made By Microsoft

HoloLens 2
Microsoft HoloLens may be better at navigating reality than the current mixed reality headset versions. In a speech at the Vision and Vision Visions Conference Conference in 2017 on Sunday, the executive intelligence and scientific research Harry Shum outlined a plan to combine artificial intelligence into a mixed reality headset.

The announcement is said to follow a trend among the largest Silicon Valley technology companies, which are now racing to meet the demands of contemporary AI computing. During the May Ignite conference in May, CEO Satya Nadella had devised his plans for artificial intelligence, which he mentioned on the arrival of books and the Web.

Microsoft and others know that when doing intensive computing tasks on the edge of the network, they should get as close to the data source as possible, said Mark Hung, a research vice president at Gartner. 

Microsoft will use the new AI co-processor, programmed by Microsoft, to control and deploy Deep Neural Networks locally, a core component of the AI learning process and machines.

According to a source from The Verge, It is rumored that Apple has built its own AI processor for the iPhone called "Apple Neural Engine" and now, Microsoft is doing the same for HoloLens.

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