How To Find The Original Laptop And Assembled

The Internet age makes laptops into a much sought after item. Surely this is also influenced by various laptop functions. But as always, rising goods will be imitated, forged, and then claimed to be genuine by the person to gain more personal gain.

As a buyer is definitely wanting original goods. Especially if it intends and has paid full according to the official price. However, because it is not impossible you can also meet naughty laptops seller, it never hurts to know how to distinguish where the original laptop and assembled or reconditioned it.

What is a genuine, official, assembled, remanufactured, and fake laptop

Before discussing further, it's good we know first what is meant original laptop and recondition. The original laptop is a laptop that is actually assembled by its own factory either Apple, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, MSI, HP, Microsoft, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, etc .. These laptops are also called official laptops.

While reconditioned laptops are assembled by unauthorized people or stores. Brand may use the above brands. The shape and appearance is also almost the same as the official type.

The reconditioned laptop looks like new, smooth, and sleek. But based on the news that I heard the actual components in it are made from used laptop sperpart.

So how do I find out the original laptop and assembled?

Although it looks the same as the original, but you can still distinguish through the ways below:
  • See the official brochure of the brand you buy. Can also check on its website. For example, say a new purchase in the completeness of the box: Laptop, battery, charger, manual, warranty card, and bonus bag. If what you bought did not include a bag, then its authenticity is questionable.
  • Do not be fooled by seals. The seal is an official stamp of the manufacturer. Although falsifying is prohibited with severe threats, but recondition laptop computer manufacturers do not care. He keeps assembling illegal stuff and puts fake seals to look real. 
  • Short warranty period. Official laptop warranty is generally 1-2 years. My own laptop, Asus brand that I use this until 2 years. This is because I use the original. Meanwhile, if the fake warranty is usually less than a year.
  • Invite experienced friends. When about to buy a new laptop, invite relatives or friends who better understand computer problems. So he will help check if the laptop that the seller has to offer turned out to be reconditioned or assembled themselves. 
  • Do not be tempted cheap price. If met sellers offer laptops with high specifications but the price is cheap, do not easily believe. However usually quality is directly proportional to the price. The more good the more expensive the price.  

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