How To Overcome The Laptop Does Not Want To Live or Light Up

Samsung Notebook Odyssey
How to turn on the right laptop is pressing the power button once. Then wait a moment until the screen lights up by itself. Some laptops do take longer. So do not need to push many times because it will damage it.

However, his name is also an electronic object. Although all this use with caution, one day will be damaged as well. Despite having pressed the button and waited for more than 2-4 minutes, the monitor screen is still black aka will not display anything.

Until finally the laptop certainly dead. Before unpacking to repair, or bring to the serviceman, even buy a new for a replacement, you should first do the ways to overcome the laptop can not be switched on the following. Who knows can still be turned on with simple steps.

How to overcome the laptop does not want to live or light up

Laptop condition can not light generally there are two. First, totally dead: no signs of life, dead indicator lights, no fan noise, even the temperature of the laptop body remains cool.

Secondly, there are signs of life: the indicator light is on, there is the sound of the blowing fan, the temperature is warm, but the screen remains black namely does not want to live. Of these two problems required different handling. Like the two solutions below for example.

1. Check the battery and charge

If the case is like the first one, it is probable that the problem is caused by the power source. This could be the battery runs out or damaged, the charger can not be used and asked to be replaced, or even both still work well but not installed properly.

If so, make sure everything is installed properly. If you still will not turn on, try using another battery. If not present, unplug and turn on only with the charger only. Of course the charger that has been confirmed to function. Still can not be turned on? Move to other plug / plug hole.

If the components in it are not damaged and this resource problem is settled, the laptop should be switched on and ready to use again.

2. Doing a power reset

This second way is suitable to overcome the laptop does not want to live like the conditions in the second point above. Reset power itself point to disconnect all the existing electricity that is likely to cause the laptop can not burn properly.
How to power reset as follows:
  • Disconnect the laptop from all power sources: unplug the charger and of course the battery as well. 
  • In a blank state, press the power button for 30 seconds. This is the goal for electricity in the laptop really does not run out. 
  • Then plug the battery and plug the charger back. Then turn on the laptop as usual.
The ways it should have been able to overcome the laptop will not turn on. If still dead, most likely the laptop is damaged. My advice take it to the official service. If you feel able to do unloading without help. But the risks themselves.