Interested in Toshiba, Western Digital Meet the Japanese Government

Western Digital
Western Digital executives flew to Japan to meet with the Japanese government, related to the chaotic acquisition of Toshiba's memory business.

The executive is Western Digital CEO Steve Milligan, who meets senior officials at Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. It is unclear whether Milligan will also meet Toshiba executives during his visit to Japan.

As is known, Toshiba is trying to sell its flash memory business to cover the bankruptcy of its nuclear business in the United States, namely Westinghouse. But the division's sales process was hampered by legal issues with Western Digital.

The reason, Western Digital is a joint venture partner in the memory chip business Toshiba. And they feel bought to know about the sale, as quoted by Reuters.

Plus Western Digital wants to acquire the business, and they stop the acquisition process of the division, which is in demand by a group with Japanese government funding sources, Bain Capital and SK Hynix.

The Japanese government itself is willing to keep the Toshiba business held by the company from the Sunrise Country. As a result they pioneered the sales of Toshiba memory chip unit, including giving an injection of funds.

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