iPhone 8 Have Body Mirror Variant

iPhone 8
Apple seems to really try to offer something different in the iPhone 8. For circulating information that the successor to the iPhone 7 it will probably have a variant with the mirror body. Meaning?

As is known, since the iPhone 7, Apple offers a more daring color variants, such as black and jet colors that have recently been red. Improvisation is also likely to continue to continue in Apple iPhone 8 when referring to the leak in circulation.

According to a boom named Benjamin Geskin, iPhone 8 will offer a variant of body color that can be practically unique. Not the color offered, but the look like a mirror. Simply, iPhone 8 will have a variant in which the body wrapped in a layer like a mirror.

Furthermore, quoted from Ubergizmo, iPhone 8 itself is mentioned will offer 4 color variants, one of which is the mirror body earlier. Not yet known what other colors, but the possibility of Jet Black color will return to attend. While the rest could be a silver and gold color that became the standard color of the iPhone since long.

Some say the reason Apple offers a mirror body to answer the needs of female users who like to use the phone screen to mirror. While other assumptions call the presence of the iPhone 8 with the mirror body confirms the position of the iPhone 8 as a premium variant. 

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