Jawbone Starts Liquidation of Own Assets?

Jawbone is reported to have started the liquidation process of his assets, after the co-founder and CEO of the company's pioneer Bluetooth mobile headset, Hosain Rahman switched to a new project.

Rahman reportedly started a service company for new hardware and software Rahman named Jawbone Health Hub and focused on health. The company will be a supporter for Jawbone devices, according to The Information.

Meanwhile, for 18 years of his presence in the technology industry, Jawbone's journey is not smooth. Jawbone managed to raise hundreds of millions of capital from companies in Silicon Valley, including Andreessen Horowitz, Black Rock, Khosla Ventures, Sequioa Capital, Kleiner Perkins and Silver Lake Partners.

Jawbone is supported by 450 employees and has a value of up to US$ 3 billion in early 2015, has a difficult time to distribute its products on time and overwhelmed in the face of competitors, such as Fitbit.

The journey is more difficult when the device trends in the form of bracelets with the support of fitness tracking technology that was popular, began to be abandoned consumers. Jawbone investors are predicted to lose millions of dollars in the United States as a result of the liquidation.

Meanwhile, Jawbone's lawsuit against Fitbit and five former California civil service officials on the alleged theft of trade secrets, will be handled by Sherwood Capital.

For information, Sherwood Capital is the same company that is responsible for handling Jawbone's asset liquidation process.