Know the Fingerprint Scanner Technology on Screen from Vivo

Know the Fingerprint Scanner Technology on Screen from Vivo
Vivo has officially announced the presence of the latest technology that will be used on the device. The China-based company introduced a technology called Under Display Fingerprint Scanning Solution at the Shanghai Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

As the name implies, this technology allows fingerprint scans to be done directly above the screen. Not only that, this technology also has advantages rather than fingerprint-based fingerprint-based physical scanning.

According to Vivo Innovation Product Manager, Jay Hong, the use of this technology allows scanning to be performed when the device is wet or dusty. How can?

Jay said, Vivo utilize ultrasonic technology on technology Under Display is.

"Ultrasonic has been used for a long time for various needs and this time we use it to scan fingerprints, thanks to ultrasonic, the sensor can penetrate the OLED screen with a thickness of 1.2mm to recognize the user's fingerprint," he explained.

Not only that, considering the ultrasonic characteristics can be used for a variety of functions, he assessed it is not impossible that various functions can be immersed also in this technology. Some of these functions include security verification or gesture recognition.

"By using the characteristics of ultrasonic technology, this fingerprint scanner also has better capability than the capacitive or optical technology used in most fingerprint scanner technology now," he said.

He further explained, this technology can change the design of smartphones that already exist today. The reason, by immersing the fingerprint scanner on the screen, screen-to-body ratio can be enlarged, in other words allows the device bezel increasingly thin.

Although not sure when it starts to apply, Vivo calls this technology will be present for the device in the future. In addition to Under Display solutions, Vivo also introduces DSP Photograhpy Solution and DAC decoding chips at this time.