Logitech Acquisition of Astro Gaming worth US $ 85 million

The leading computer accessory company Logitech today announced the acquisition of Astro Gaming. Famous as one of the most popular console gaming headset makers, Astro Gaming was acquired by Logitech for US $ 85 million.

In this way, Astro will join the Logitech G division, a Logitech sub-brand specifically for PC gaming products. Citing information from the PC Gamer page, this acquisition is one of Logitech's strategy to spread its wings into the console market and dominate the world gaming market.

But according to information, Logitech does not plan to close the brand Astro. Currently the possibility of Logitech G will remain focused in the PC gaming market, while Astro in the console market.

The plan for the acquisition process will be completed by the end of August 2017. For information, Astro Gaming was founded in 2006 in San Francisco as a spin-off from Astro Studios design company.

Through the launch of A40 and A50 headsets, Astro Gaming quickly cemented its position as a manufacturer of premium console gaming devices.