McAfee Antivirus Creator Sues Intel, Why?

McAfee Antivirus Creator Sues Intel, Why?
McAfee's computer antivirus creator, John McAfee, has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Intel Corp over the use of his name.

As reported by Reuters, McAfee sued Intel because the chipset giant is using its name for a new project after Intel acquired McAfee in 2016.

According to McAfee, he has warned Intel over the use of his name. Intel remains firmly referring to another McAfee company, MGT Capital Investments Inc. to John McAfee Global Technologies Inc.

MGT Capital Investments Inc. is known to be a digital gaming and cyber security company. According to McAfee, the use of his name for the company is considered to violate the trademark.

By contrast, according to Intel, the McAfee party who violated the trademark and unfair competition, and seek redress.

Not yet known who violated this agreement. However, according to him, according to the agreement, McAfee has agreed not to use his name, trademark with his name or any phrase that refers to security products and cyber security.

McAfee has the right to use his name on other businesses, such as advertising, promotions, to anything related to McAfee.

Earlier, in April, Intel spun off its cybersecurity division, now named McAfee LLC, after agreeing to release 51 percent of its shares to TPG Capital.

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