McDonald's Released Speaker from Drinking Plate

McDonald's is known as one of the largest burger franchises in the world. But not just sell food, the franchise from the United States was apparently also issued a speaker for the smartphone.

In collaboration with Audio Research Group from University Waterloo and Stacklab company, McDonald's Canada conjured its drink mat into a portable speaker for smartphones. Quoted from Ubergizmo, this speaker is named McDonald's Boombox.

According to the plan, these speakers release on a limited basis and are only available on July 28, 2017 at Toronto Woodbine Beach. Despite appearing unique, these speakers are actually not equipped with electronic components at all in it. Therefore, these speakers are not designed to stand out from the sound quality.

Speakers that are compatible with Android and iPhone smartphones are actually only designed to double the maximum volume of devices embedded in it. To do so, these speakers are equipped with foil-stamped so the sound can be made louder.

For information, this is not the first time McDonald's collaborates with other companies and uses technology for its purposes. A few months ago, McDonald's Australia took advantage of Snapchat's service to attract new employees.

So, prospective employees are required to make a video or image to show a first impression with a duration of 10 seconds. Uniquely, the applicants will wear a McDonald's uniform filter during the video or image it is made.

Then, the already-created app is delivered to the official McDonald's Snapchat account. After that, Macca McDonald's by the Australian community will send back links to digital careers and job application.

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